Steve Jobs Would Never Let This Happen

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I always have some kind of to-do list written on a piece of paper, or on my mobile phone. I am a master in making lists…

When I upgraded my iPhone OS to iOS5, one of the improvements I was looking forward to is the native “Reminders” app. I’ve being using a free “to-do/tasks” app I downloaded from the app store since I moved from BlackBerry to iPhone but it wasn’t very sleek.

Unfortunately, the Reminders app sucks. Bad.

In order to create an item and set a reminder you go through ten steps after you launch the app! TEN STEPS

Check this out:

Step 1: Press ‘+’ button to create a new reminder

Step 2: Enter reminder

Step 3: Press ‘done’ button or Return on keyboard (why? why not have a ‘next’ button to let you now set the reminder?)

Step 4: Click the item you just created to access the reminder options

Step 5: Click ‘Remind me’ to get to this redundant screen

Step 6: Toggle ‘On a Day’ (why? is there any other option here? just present the time selection UI for crying out loud!)

Step 7: Click the ‘date’ line to actually display the time selection UI (why? why not display the date/time selection UI already?)

Step 8: Select date and time

Step 9: Press ‘Done’ button on the date selection screen

Step 10: Press ‘Done’ again on the remind me screen to finally save your reminder

So many steps to go through to create a simple reminder – I don’t think Steve Jobs would have used this app.

All this could have been done so differently:

Step 1 + 2: Press ‘+’ button to create a new reminder and enter text

Step 3: press ‘next’ keyboard button to create a reminder (or press done on top to create a task without a reminder)

Step 4: Note that the date/time selection UI is displayed by default…select a date/time and then click Done. That’s it.

That’s the kind of app I would use, wouldn’t you?


2 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Would Never Let This Happen

  1. nice post and good point. Now that Steve Jobs is gone we’ll probably see a less user friendly interface. I didnt see the value of reminders – its basically “notes” only without the ability to send yourself an email with summary.

    • I use reminders all the time, as a to-do list with an alert mechanism… I agree with you that without Steve Jobs it’s going to be harder for Apple to keep the quality as high as it used to be.

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