Traveling in Spain with kids – Toledo

Toledo is a beautiful, romantic and mysterious town, perched on a hill above the river Tagus. The city’s history spans centuries from the Roman time, through Muslim conquest to the Middle Ages and beyond. The old city’s streets are narrow and winding, inviting you to explore it.

We spent two days in Toledo in September 2012, after the tourist season was over, and the crowds were gone. Since the old city is small, walking and seeing the sites with kids is simple and fun.

We drove from Madrid early in the morning and made it to Toledo quickly (less then 2 hours). I recommend parking inside the old city at Garaje Santo Tome (see map below), located in the middle of the old city.

The old city’s streets are mostly narrow cobblestone streets, as you will quickly discover after parking. There is very little car traffic which is perfect for strolling along with the kids.

Cobblestone alley in Toledo

Cobblestone alley in Toledo

Here are a few more pictures we took of the streets of Toledo:

Close to the parking garage there is a nice coffee shop – Cafe Delfin. Good for a morning stop over after the drive from Madrid…

We then made our way through the narrow streets to the Toledo Cathedral, a massive building dating back to the Middle Ages, considered the “spiritual heart of the church in Spain”.

After a long historical visit to the Middle Ages cathedral, an afternoon lunch was in order. Spanish local food is a must of course – and we had a great lunch at Gambrinus restaurant on Calle Santo Tome (see map below). The local Tapas dishes were perfect (although not necessarily for kids and definitely not for vegetarians… ).

The following day we visited Zocodover Plaza, the main plaza in the old city, and started off with a city tour in a miniature train-car that included a ride to the hills outside the city where you can take in amazing views of Toledo (see map below for vista point if you rather drive there). For kids this is a terrific ride, and for adults there are headphones and a guided tour provided in about 10 languages. The tour starts and ends at Zocodover Plaza. Here are some of the views you can take in from the train:

We ended our visit to Toledo with a stroll through the little alleys and squares of the city, where the girls ran around and explored things on foot.

Here’s a map of Toledo with pins marking places we visited:


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